Biomarkers in Immuno Oncology

Biomarkers play an important part in the development of new cancer treatments as they fulfill several crucial roles in clinical trials. Their application ranges from Proof of Mechanism to Proof of Concept and may even include a predictive or safety function. Choosing the right Biomarker in the early stages of drug development can have a significant impact on the success or failure  of the whole clinical trial.

Our Mission

Arming researchers with precise in vivo feedback to de-risk and accelerate clinical trials.

Our Approach

IRIS: Immunotherapy Response Indication System

Lodestone’s nanoparticle implant opens the door for a broad spectrum of longitudinal in vivo assays in the tumor microenvironment. Our small-animal system and in vivo assay technology accelerates drug development and increases the success rate of pre-clinical trials.

Answer your most critical questions before they become a problem.

Does your drug …
… engage the intended target?  
… have the intended impact on the tissue?  
… create a clinically meaningful change?    
… only affect a subset of the patients?    
… cause adverse effects or local toxicity?
Small Animal System Prototype